Facial Plastic Surgery and Its Kinds

Facial Plastic Surgery: The Answer to Facial Enhancement

People from around the world have different beauty goals. These various beauty goals can be a perfect skin, a more prominent cheekbone, a long chin, a thinner tummy, an enhanced nose bridge, among others. Various cosmetic surgery procedures have the corresponding amount depending on the specialized tools used as well as the complexity of the procedure itself. Dr Zacharia is a cosmetic surgery clinic which aims to help people achieve their beauty goals with a corresponding cost.

A cosmetic surgery done specifically on the face is called facial plastic surgery. The presence of a damaged part of the skin or face can cause a person to uncomfortable with his or her appearance. So, it is important for an individual to invest in facial plastic surgery to enhance one’s face.

Facial Plastic Surgery: Types and Benefits

There are two types of facial plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery can be nonsurgical or surgical. The nonsurgical procedure includes botulinum toxin treatment, laser hair removal treatment, dermabrasions, and skin rejuvenation. The surgical procedures which can be done on the face are the following.

  • This surgical procedure aims to enhance the size and shape of the nose. It involves enhancement of the nose bridge, reduction of nostrils’ size, change of nose angle, among others.
  • Dermal Fillers. This involves the restoration of face shape to reduce wrinkles as well as facial lines.
  • This surgical procedure enhances the shape of the chin by either inserting an implant or removing some chin bone.
  • This is also known as eyelid surgery which involves tightening or lifting drooping eyelids.
  • Forehead lifts. On the other hand, this surgical procedure aims to remove forehead lines by removing excess skin tissue.
  • Lip augmentation. This is a common surgical procedure done to make the lips look fuller by inserting an implant in the lips.