The Effects of Listening to Music While Sleeping

There are a lot people having trouble sleeping at night, some have tried almost everything, such as putting essential oils, having a warm bath and sometimes the silly idea of counting Sheeps have not worked out for them. These people who have tried almost every strategy have somehow failed to put them to sleep. However, they have not tried the effects of  listening to music while sleeping.



Science suggests that our brains are connected and easily respond to music, and since our brain sends signals to every system in our body the effects of listening to music while sleeping can have a great impact on our resting phase at night. There are also different types of songs that can affect the sleeping patterns, songs such as, soft and easy listening can increase the production of the serotonin levels or what is sometimes called as the happy hormone. Most of us have experienced and it has been proven as well that whenever we are happy, it is easier for us to fall asleep. So listening to music that increases serotonin levels can help us sleep like a baby at night.



The hippocampus is also a part of the brain that stores long-term memories. So all the happy and sad memories are stored at that part of the brain.Moreover, if we listen to songs that would remind us of being happy and sad, it would affect the way we snooze at night. Overall, music does really affect us in a lot of ways not just on how we sleep. It distracts our brain from thinking of a lot of things which we all know that overthinking puts us away from going to sleep. It should be best for us to store a playlist on our phones that are happy, good and soft music to help us fall asleep whenever we are going on an opposite direction.